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GOT STORIES? (to further pique your interest in Peak)

First of all, we tell you how things work at Peak

  • How to find important info on your monthly investment statements
  • How to find important info on your quarterly investment performance reports for managed accounts
  • Gaining online access to your account and personal info
  • Regular emails about breaking news impacting your financial life
  • Invitations to client appreciation and education events
  • Significant tax updates
  • A real person answers the office phone.



...all sorts of resources are available on this website, including calculators for almost any imaginable financial situation. Give them a test drive. Call us with questions.

We LOVE engaged clients. Email or call us with your burning financial questions.

Here's how we've helped others:

  • Old paper stock certificates in the name of a deceased family member. Are these worth anything? How do I gain ownership rights? How can I cash them out? Will there be a taxable gain/loss?

  • Retirement accounts with several different former employers. Client wanted to consolidate them. How? What are the costs to do that? For what reasons would you keep them there instead?

  • Siblings jointly own a ranch inherited from their parents, with one living on the property and the other two wanting to sell and use the proceeds for long term care or other purposes. Lots of family tension in the current generation and the next as well. We reviewed the outdated appraisal and suggested a few courses of action to split the ranch land among the one wanting to stay and the two wanting to sell. The family ultimately agreed with one proposal, and a buyer was found by a local attorney. Family peace ensued.

  • A tax client came to us for analysis of her pension payment options. In doing so, we also became aware of her various stock options and how best to take advantage of tax laws around the taxability of those, and ascertaining the best timing of exercising the options to maximize the net amount to be received.

  • We provided analysis of Social Security claiming strategies for dozens of clients, finding the way to maximize lifetime benefits for spouses, divorced individuals, surviving spouses and disabled individuals/spouses. In many cases, recipients received hundreds of thousands of dollars more in benefits. In one case, the widowed spouse returned funds during the first 12 months of benefits, waiting until full retirement age for a much higher lifetime benefit.

  • Assisted many businesses with setting up their 401(k), SIMPLE IRAs, SEP IRAs and Defined Benefit retirement plans for tax savings during high earning years, and distribution strategies during their Work-Optional period.

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